About FFA


Welcome to Freedom Forged Athletics

Adopted by professionals to guarantee general physical dominance, both in athletics as well as everyday life. Our facilities offer programs for athletes looking to take gains to unprecendented levels. Become an elite athlete with FFA today.

What is Freedom Forged Athletics?

Freedom Forged Athletics is a community of affiliated gyms that have banded together to influence a higher level of fitness, provided by experienced, skilled, and certified coaches in top notch facilities stocked with quality equipment to get the job done.

What type of programs do we offer?

Our facilities specialize in small group training that incorporates metabolic conditioning, powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, and gymnastic bodyweight movements. We provide excellent general physical prepardeness for anything that life might throw your way. By keeping class sizes small we ensure that our athletes receive consistent coaching that provides a safe atmosphere for continuous growth.

In addition to small group, class based training, we also provide sport specific team training from youth to collegiate level sports. For more information on our team training, contact us directly.

Benefits of FFA affiliation

1. Members of FFA gyms can drop in to other FFA gyms and expect the same quality coaching, equipment, and atmosphere that they receive at their home gym.

2. FFA members attending training seminars and specialty courses hosted at FFA gyms can receive priority and discounted rates

3. Gym support from other successful business owners

4. Highly skilled coaches

5. Quality equipment

6. Ample workout space

7. Team training support