Our Trainers

Freedom Forged Athletics employs the very best trainers and we expect our trainers to continuously learn and develop. The diversity of our coaches allows us to fill training gaps that many other gyms often miss.


Jeremy Priar: CF-L1 / Olympic Certified / Powerlifting Certified / CF Mobility Certified

FFA Owner / 13 Stripes CrossFit Owner



As a former member of the military Jeremy has worked jointly with Special Operations units, United States Secret Service units, and global anti-terrorist units alike.  He has implemented and trained various special operations personnel, world-class olympic athletes, professional sports athletes and more using the CrossFit GPP methodolgy and programs.

David McCahan: CF-L1 / CF Powerlifting Trainer / CF Weightlifting Trainer

FFA Owner / Signal 5 CrossFit Owner 


As a law enforcement officer, Dave was introduced to CrossFit as a way to be better prepared for anything that might come up on the job. He quickly excelled and joined his gym’s competitive team. At Signal 5, Dave enjoys both introducing the sport of CrossFit to others as well as developing high level athletes. Dave has a background in football and was a 3 year starter for Steelton’s district championship team.  He also set the record for bench press to body weight ratio in his police academy class.

Corey Dickerson: CF-L1 / CF Powerlifting Trainer / CF Weightlifting Trainer / Qualified CF Kids Trainer / 

FFA Owner / Signal 5 CrossFit Owner 

corey coach

Corey was a 4 year starter for Kings College basketball team. He played professionally overseas and did a two year stint with the Harlem Globetrotters. He has been a coach and counselor for the Philadelphia 76’s youth basketball camp and enjoys developing athletes of all ages.  Since then Corey has found a second home motivating and safely coaching Crossfit and Burner-X athletes at Signal 5 Crossfit in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


Phillip Minter: CF-L1 / CF Strongman Trainer / CF Powerlifting Trainer / CF Weightlifting Trainer

FFA Owner / Signal 5 CrossFit Owner 


As a former gymnast and gymnastics coach, Phil quickly fell in love with CrossFit as a sport as well as the CrossFit training methodology. With a keen eye for proper body mechanics Phil can help you safely perform new movements, whether you’re learning your very first lift or working on more advanced movements like a ring muscle up or handstand push up. In addition to a gymnastics background Phil is a marathon runner, rock climber, tough mudder, and was a sponsored athlete for freestyle skiing. He enjoys not only watching his athletes grow stronger but is proud to see their improved coordination, accuracy, balance, and agility as well.

Tony Weikel: CF-L1 / CF Powerlifting Trainer / CF Weightlifting Trainer

CrossFit Condor Owner


I have always been active. I played sports for as long as I can remember. I thought I was in shape – that is until I did my first CrossFit work out! Like a lot of people, I couldn’t help but keep coming back form more. I realized how big of an impact it was on my life and my family’s lives. CrossFit is a way my entire family can work out together, spend quality time together, and be healthy together.

Being a trainer has made CrossFit even more enjoyable for me. I get to help others reach their goals with health and fitness – that’s very rewarding to me!

Eleni Michelitch: CF-L1 / CF Weightlifting Trainer

CrossFit Condor Owner


As a former competitive swimmer for over 10 years including a NY Empire State champion and Division 1 scholarship athlete in the sport Eleni found CrossFit and immediately fell in love with the constant challenge and diversity of the sport. The community and supportive environment that CrossFit promotes is one the Eleni wants for EVERY person to experience and be a part of no matter what skill level and athletic background. Watching people succeed and become better equipped for the challenges of everyday life is something that she strives for and loves to see in every one of her athletes!


Miles Furr: CF-L2 Trainer

CrossFit Lacertus Owner



Tyrone Rucker: CF-L1 Trainer

CrossFit Lacertus Owner


Jackie Lied: CF-L1 


Lisa Thompson: CF-L1 


All through my life I have been active in sports (softball, field hockey and running). In February of 2012, 3 years after not losing the “baby” weight, I joined a new Crossfit box in the area. I did not realize what a difference “constantly varied, functional movements, performed at relatively high intensity” workouts can do for you mentally and physically. Now I want to help you make a difference in your life as a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer. Crossfit is about family and I love the family that I have made through Crossfit. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to help you change for the better today. When I’m not at the box I’m at my full-time job or home with my husband and daughter.

Missy Grant: CF-L1 / Qualified CF Kids Trainer / CF Weightlifting Trainer



Tim Albert: CF-L1